The scene I choose for this blog was in the movie Spider-man 2 which debuted in 2004.  The place in the film is a fight in Manhattan, New York between Spider-man and his nemesis Doctor Octopus.  There are a lot of different parts of a scene that makes it all come together.  This whole sequence is indeed well done.  I would think just having a sequence of shots of Spider-man swinging from building to building would be hard enough because the filmmakers have to make it look like he is going in the right direction using the 180 degree rule.  This part of the movie starts with our great hero Spider-man heading towards a Manhattan building to meet up with Doctor Octopus.  It continues them fighting on buildings and then on a train.  It takes place in the daylight so the filmmakers have to make sure every shot in this scene corresponds with the time of day.  As both start to fight, all of the shots fit the 180 degree rule.  The special effects are shown extremely realistic all through the fight scene with Spider-man and Doctor Octopus breaking buildings and train windows.  My favorite part of the scene is when it looks as if Spider-man will lose the fight and get hit by an incoming train.  The shots are perfect because the camera is first shaky because of the ongoing combat between one another.  Right before the train is about to hit Spider-man the director shows a close up of him looking to his left and away from the camera.  This is effective because at this time in the scene we want to know what Spider-man is looking at and what has caught his attention.  Also, the close up of Spider-man is very quick and correlates that he has to act fast.  The next shot is of the train and then a close up of Doctor Octopus.  The shaky camera, the lighting and the sound effects of each action puts this scene together smoothly.  Everything works great and the conclusion is one amazing superhero villain fight scene.


When I visited the Museum of the Moving Image I was amazed at how technology has changed over time.  I really enjoyed a lot of the museum but one film station was my favorite.  In this film station, I was able to change the sound bytes of a clip from a television show.  That television show was The Simpsons and I have always a fan.  It was an easy choice out of the bundle of clips.  The scene from The Simpsons included Lisa Simpson trying to focus on a test in Springfield Elementary while being distracted by every and any sound around her.  Some of the sounds that were shown was a classroom light flicking, another character’s eyebrow swaying up and down and a pencil erasing an answer from the test.  There were three choices of sound bytes for each action in the scene.  After picking what sounds I wanted and watching the part in full I realized how important it is for what sound byte you choose.  Films and television shows give off emotion by how its portrayed.  The technique of the shooting and the sound provide emotion.   I choose a heartbeat sound byte for one activity and I could notice it showed Lisa as being uneasy and nervous.  There is a lot of thought into what sounds will be the most effective in the film industry.  The result is how a film is engaged by the viewers.  It was delightful to be able to see how it feels to edit a scene in a television show.

During my walk towards my house to my grandma’s house, I decided to take a “Soundwalk”.   We both live in different parts of Astoria and I was heading over to eat dinner.  It was around 5:30 in the evening when I took my stroll.  The first noise that I heard on my block were the cars passing by hitting a 20 mph speed bump in front of my house and people chatting it up on the two food spots on my block.  As I turned my back to both sounds, I figured the light turned green because it was then when I heard honking.  After walking two streets I turned left on Astoria Boulevard, and right next to it is the Grand Central Parkway.  As I continued on to my grandma’s house, I heard the cars traveling on their way to their destination, as well as an idiot speeding quickly away, maybe so that we can all marvel at the noise of his loud engine.  The next street, I listened to the handcuffs on the belts of police officers swaying as they walked into their police station.   Not surprising at all; those same cops I’ve just seen came out of their double parked car on Astoria Boulevard as there wasn’t enough traffic on this boulevard during rush hour.  Next, I passed by a bus stopping on Columbus Square and a train moving along in the direction of Manhattan. The screech of the bus stopping completely and the train chugging along the train tracks caught my attention.   As I made my way through the busy intersection underneath the Astoria Boulevard train station with cars and people rushing to get home, I can hear their car honks and rapid footsteps.  Hoyt Park sits on the other side of the highway, and I can hear kids playing handball and basketball before the last few minutes of sunlight disappears.  The sound of someone smacking the handball and hitting the wall, and the clanking of missed shots and swishes on the numerous basketball rims are what I heard last. Finally, I have reached my grandma’s house and time to eat some great food.

How did I get into media?  It first started from my passion for sports. My favorite sport growing up was basketball and my team is the New York Knicks.  Sadly though, being a Knicks fan hasn’t been that great in the winning department.  I’ve gone through a lot of losing but last recent years the Knicks have been great to watch and they look be be just as enjoyable in the future.  As growing up I didn’t also have love for sports, I also enjoyed computers and technology.  In my room, I do have a lot of gadgets and I try to stay updated with new ones coming out.  It seems like a new model for anything comes out every six months.

If I was not at the park playing some basketball, I would be watching it at home on my television.  When I’d watch sports shows or watching live sports in action, those jobs always excited me.  From there, I have expanded to the internet, reading blogs and news; all these jobs have attracted me.  When entering college, as I was thinking of picking my major, the first thing that came to my mind was to study for my Bachelor’s degree in either media studies or sports journalism.  Media studies are more interesting to me than sports journalism.  It is more pleasing to me because I feel like you can do more with media studies.  I am not fully sure about where to take it from media studies though.  I believe that media studies have a bigger field of work to the degree.  The job that I am trying to seek for my future wants to be based around media and sports.  I have to do something that will make me happy for the rest of my life and I know my passion for sports will let me into a job like this.